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Emerald Rae Somer O'Brien.

Emerald Rae (Solo)

Known for her powerhouse dance tunes and technical prowess, Emerald is an adept and masterfully soulful fiddler. A variety of fiddles and fiddles styles, Emerald’s solo show is as educational as it is entertaining.

“We’ve become used to young artists with virtuosic musical powers, but it’s still rare to find young artists with great talent and wide-ranging tastes. Not content to stay in one tradition, Emerald Rae moved across the spectrum, absorbing tunes and rhythms from across the Celtic lands, and ultimately returning home to America. Not content to remain just a fiddler, she’s expanded to become a fully-fledged songwriter as well. And now she’s bringing all of this together into a wholly-new sound that you’ll find electrifying.”

-Devon Leger (Hearth Music)

Press Release

Photo by Louise Bichan

Emerald Rae Gloucester.

The Welsh Crwth


An ancient and rare fiddle with a hauntingly medieval sound, the Crwth was played by bards from the 11th century to the 19th century. It was played all over Europe in some form or another, and was known in Scotland & Ireland as the “Cruit“ and in England as the “Crowd“ or “Crowth“. Emerald discovered the Crwth while digging through her research on 18th century fiddle in Scotland. She was enraptured by the uniqueness and intrigued by the harmonic possibilities of the six-stringed rectangular fiddle, which has to be worn by tying a rope around the player’s neck. She presents a variety of tunes on the Crwth from traditional Welsh Songs to contemporary originals – exploring the 21st century possibilities on the Crwth.

Photo by Louise Bichan