Emerald Rae

A Masterfully Soulful Fiddler

“Her fiddling is technically spot-on, yet elegantly earthy, her bow merrily bouncing along the strings, as though unable to resist joining the dance.” -Boston Globe




Emerald Rae & Somer O'Brien

EuroCelt Eclectica

A neo-folk fiddle and accordion duo polished with a quasi-art-music sheen. Their repertoire is a montage of Celtic, French, Italian and Greek tunes intuitively rendered with a delicate mix of authenticity, curiosity and artistry.


Emerald Rae

Solo Show

Known for her powerhouse dance tunes and technical prowess, Emerald is an adept and masterfully soulful fiddler. A variety of fiddles and fiddles styles, Emerald's solo show is as educational as it is entertaining.


The Welsh Crwth


An ancient and rare fiddle with a hauntingly medieval sound, the Crwth was played by bards from the 11th century to the 19th century. Emerald presents a variety of tunes on the Crwth from traditional Welsh Songs to contemporary originals – exploring the 21st century possibilities on the Crwth.

Fiddle Lessons

As skilled performer, a champion fiddler, and an avid historian, Emerald is deeply passionate, experienced and knowledgeable about presenting the tradition in an engaging way. She teaches one-on-one lessons in person and online from her home in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She also leads workshops and lectures in Fiddle, Crwth and Stepdance.

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Emerald Rae Fiddle Lessons.

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Past Shows

July 13, 2016 Emerald Rae & Somer O'Brien Waltham, MA Gore Place Gore Place
June 12, 2016 Emerald Rae & Somer O'Brien Somerville , MA Somerville Accordion Festival Somerville Accordion Festival
May 21, 2016 Emerald Rae & Somer O'Brien Gloucester, Massachusetts Rocky Neck Cultural Center Rocky Neck Cultural Center