Emerald Rae

A Masterfully Soulful Fiddler

“Her fiddling is technically spot-on, yet elegantly earthy, her bow merrily bouncing along the strings, as though unable to resist joining the dance.” -Boston Globe


Learn Scottish Fiddle Online


Access a Video Library of traditional tunes, tips, tricks and techniques. New videos with beginner, intermediate and advanced tunes are added monthly. Dig into the the Tips & Tricks videos for an in depth look at ornamentation exercises, bowing, posture and positioning. Get Email Support and Skype Lessons. Her approach is fluid and improvisational, allowing you to grasp key concepts, gain confidence and develop your style quickly and easily. Learn at your own pace, in your own time, in your own home.

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Latest Releases

Check out the catalogue of music, including Emerald solo releases. Her debut album, ``Contemplaytion``, her latest album, ``If Only I Could Fly``. Check back for her upcoming release ``Artifact``, a fiddle & accordion duo with Somer O'Brien...



Solo Shows, Collaborations and more...

Known for her powerhouse dance tunes and technical prowess, Emerald is an adept and masterfully soulful fiddler. A variety of fiddles and fiddles styles, Emerald's solo show is as educational as it is entertaining.


The Welsh Crwth


An ancient and rare fiddle with a hauntingly medieval sound, the Crwth was played by bards from the 11th century to the 19th century. Emerald presents a variety of tunes on the Crwth from traditional Welsh Songs to contemporary originals – exploring the 21st century possibilities on the Crwth.